Jack Anderson Elementary

Welcome to Jack Anderson Elementary

Welcome to a new year at Jack Anderson Elementary!  We are thrilled to partner with parents and our community as we continue the legacy of success.  For almost twenty years, JAE has been one of the top elementary schools in the state.  Due to dedicated staff and unparalleled family involvement, many lucky children have filled the halls of our school.  The opportunities and experiences that students will have this year will enrich and engage them as our STEM program expands.  We are anticipating one of the best years yet!  

Our mission:

  • Expand and challenge the minds of children.
  • Maintain a focus on the social and emotional needs of children. 

Our staff fosters a growth mindset.  We model how to persevere and problem-solve.  Each student will be encouraged to set a course toward building a bright future.

Thank you for joining us!

Mrs. Tressa Sanders, Mr. Jonathan Thurman, & Dr. Lauren Wilson

Mission Statement

Jack Anderson Elementary is committed to:

  • -Enriching every student, every day, in integrated learning experiences that are relevant and necessary for the next level of success.
  • -Empowering learners to interact with purposeful dialogue as they ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve.
  • -Ensuring a collaborative culture exists to increase the capacity of staff as we evolve in professional and leadership opportunities.
  • -Entrusting strong community partners who provide guidance and assistance ncecessary for sustaining innovative progress.

Vision Statement

Jack Anderson Elementary is an exuberant learning community that focuses on enriching the academic, social, and emotional success for every student, every day.