Jack Anderson Elementary


Our mission in JAE’s physical education program is to provide a fun and exciting learning environment for our students, while promoting a healthy lifestyle. We strive to have each student feel valued and gain the confidence, knowledge, and necessary skills to be successful in a variety of developmentally appropriate games, sports and activities. Our desire is to challenge students to work individually and as a team as they successfully complete the goals of each lesson. The program will also enhance students’ personal fitness, fundamental movement skills and leadership abilities. Self-directed and exploratory learning is emphasized throughout the physical education curriculum.


Jack Anderson Elementary is an institution focused on academic excellence as well as genuine concern for the well-being of children.


Students are engaged in authentic learning and growth opportunities which prepare them for the next level of success.  With a STEM focus, our students interact with purposeful dialogue as they problem-solve, create, and make improvements.  Every day, we encourage our students that it is with hard work and perseverance that our failures lead to success.