Jack Anderson Elementary

First Grade

A Year Of Imagination & Creativity!

A year of imagination, creativity, and enthusiastic learning awaits first graders at Jack Anderson Elementary. Students unlock the written word with a great desire to read and develop a passion for writing and illustrating. Working together, we build a classroom community and a sense of independence to complete challenging tasks during our reading and writing workshops. As we scaffold the ideas of number sense, first graders begin to apply operational tasks and problem solving skills in math. JAE offers a STEM lab that allows our students to research, brainstorm, and create science experiments through collaboration and sharing of ideas. JAE first graders learn to be contributing members of small groups and productive partners.


Jack Anderson Elementary is an institution focused on academic excellence as well as genuine concern for the well-being of children.


Students are engaged in authentic learning and growth opportunities which prepare them for the next level of success.  With a STEM focus, our students interact with purposeful dialogue as they problem-solve, create, and make improvements.  Every day, we encourage our students that it is with hard work and perseverance that our failures lead to success.